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Bottle Printing

We offer the facility of having your logo/artwork printed on your bottles. You have the option to choose how many colours to use when placing your order.

Your logo/artwork is applied using a silk screen printing process. If this is your first order, an initial silk screen setup charge of £32.00 per silk screen (1 silk screen per colour is required) is added to your invoice. Subsequent orders that use the same logo/artwork will not incur this setup charge.

Once payment for your order has been received we will ask you to send us your logo/artwork in digital form. Ideally, we’d like your logo/artwork at the highest possible resolution, as this ensures better quality results when reproducing the print on your bottles. We are happy to receive files in either Mac or PC format.

Acceptable file formats (in order of preference)

  1. EPS - vector based ideal for multi-colour designs
  2. PSD - Photoshop
  3. JPG – please refer to the table below for file sizes/resolutions
  4. Printed Output – at 300dpi (single colour designs only) at actual size

JPG file sizes and physical print dimensions

JPG resolution is shown at 300ppi (pixels per inch)

Print Area 300ml Sports 500ml Sports 650ml Handle 750ml Sports
Top Band W19.2cm x H1.2cm
W2268px x H142px
W22.57cm x H1.2cm
W2666px x H142px
N/A W22.78cm x H1.2cm
W2691px x H142px
Main Area W19.2cm x 5.0cm
W2268px x H591px
W22.57cm x H7.0cm
W2666px x H827px
W10cm x H8cm
W1181px x H945px
W22.78 x H13.24cm
W2697px x H1564px

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