The Bottle Factory cap demonstration video

We’ve added a short video which demonstrates how our caps work with our promotional water bottles. These are unique in that they have one-way valves in them. This stops excess fluid flow from the sports water bottle and prevents choking. Also, they have no external parts that can be chewed.

The Bottle Factory Caps Video

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2 Responses to The Bottle Factory cap demonstration video

  1. Hassans International Law Firm in Gibraltar were organizing a paddle tennis networking tournament and the organizers had two weeks to think of a suitable gift for all participants. The water bottles proved to be an excellent networking tool. Not only were they colour coordinated with the Firm’s logo, but they were also very suited to being used for sporting activities too. The water bottles are very attractive, so much so that all guests took them home and will certainly be using them for their sporting activities (providing further promotion). Peter was absolutely fantastic to work with, the assisted with the layout of the bottle and was very accomodating. Peter also had some great ideas, like inserting a block for participants to write their names – remembering peoples names being a crucial part of a networking event! Peter was also kind enough to follow up with delivery queries and see our customer satisfaction through to the very end. As such, I would strongly encourage anyone who needs to make waterbottles to get in touch with The Bottle Factory who are at the very top of their game!

  2. Michael Wall says:

    We recently held our first company cycle event with special guest Sean Kelly. The water bottles were handed out to 50 cyclists including the great man himself, and they went down a treat. Anyone in the company who has seen the bottle has demanded one, so much so that we have now placed our second order.
    Another important factor…the service from The Bottle Factory is top class!

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